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Duty Officers

SLSNR Support Services | Duty Officers

Duty Officers provide operational support and oversight to all SLS operational activity and is staffed 24/7. Often referred to as Delta operations, these Duty Officers exist to support operational activity such as patrolling, incidents, callout etc. The Duty Officer is someone with a lot of life saving knowledge that help patrols that maybe under resourced when they roam whilst on duty. This role also helps member with support after a major indecent that needs a debriefing or peer support services.

Becoming a Duty Officer

SLSNR must ensure that it's Duty Officers are responsible, mature and capable persons. At times Duty Officers maybe tasked to Critical Incidents involving people who are experiencing a range of differing reactions to traumatic events, they may also be tasked to incidents where SLS processes and protocols need to be implemented.

It is important that all Duty Officers have the necessary pre-requites and training to ensure proper and effective support can be provided for our members and the public.

Pre requisites for this role are:
- 20 years of age
- Full Motor Vehicle License
- Successful Police Vetting
- SLS Member
- SLS Award (refreshed)
- Club Endorsement
- First Aid Level 2 (refreshed)
- Senior Lifeguard Award: IRB Driver (refreshed)
- Marine VHF Radio Operators Award
- CIMS 4
- Peer Support
- Extensive SLS Knowledge & Understanding

Desirable qualifications, skills and attributes:
- Advanced Lifeguard Award
- RWC Operator
- Sound communication skills
- Leadership and decision making qualities
- Professionalism
- Ability to multi task and work under pressure
- Customer orientated manner

It is expected that applicants far exceed the minimum requirements, qualifications and experience for this role

Note: SLSNR reserves the right to accept members into the Duty Officer program at their discretion