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Rescue Water Craft

SLSNR Support Services | Rescue Water Craft

Rescue Water Craft (RWC) are SLS Personal Water Craft (often referred to as a Waverunner or Jet Ski) spec'd for SLS operations and operated by experienced Lifeguards from throughout the Region. RWC exist to provide operational support to existing patrols and patrolling / emergency response to non-patrolled areas.

Current RWC Patrols within Surf Life Saving Northern Region

'Support 1' based at United North Piha covers most of Auckland's West Coast area

'Support 2' based at Ruakaka covers Northland's Bream Bay area

'Support 3' based at Omaha covers Rodney District

'Support 4' based at Orewa covers Auckland's Hibiscus Coast

'Support 5' based at the Auckland Marine Rescue Center covers Auckland's East Coast Bays area

Service duration varies per vessel. All RWC are operational for weekends and public holidays over the peak of the summer period, and RWC are operated by both volunteer and paid lifeguards.

Becoming a RWC Operator

Applications for the 2019-2020 season open on 29th of July 2019.

SLSNR will be facilitating 2 winter courses over the course of the 2019 winter. These courses will require your attendance in full for one of the following winter intakes,

Winter Intake #1

  • Orewa 30th June 2019
  • United North Piha 6th & 7th July 2019

Winter Intake #2

  • Orewa 6th October 2019
  • United North Piha 12th & 13th October 2019

SLS needs to ensure that it's RWC Operators are responsible, mature and capable persons. At times RWC Operators may be tasked to critical incidents and it is important that all RWC Operators have the necessary pre-requites and training to ensure proper and effective support can be provided. The pre-requisites for this course are as follows,

  • 20 years of age
  • Current & active member of a SLS club
  • Surf Lifeguard Award (refreshed)
  • Senior Lifeguard Award: IRB Driver (refreshed)
  • Marine VHF Radio Operators Certificate
  • Full Motor Vehicle License (Class 1)
  • First Aid Level 1 (current) (refreshed)
  • First Aid Level 2 (current) (refreshed)
  • 400m pool swim in under 7:30min
  • *A minimum of 2 years as a refreshed Senior Lifeguard / IRB Driver.

It is highly recommended that applicants also have First Aid Level 3 (current) and have obtained their Advanced Lifeguard Award.

SLSNR require additional pre-requisites to also be met. The purpose of these pre-requisites are to ensure operators have the skills to look after themselves when operating solo. NR will help you though these extra criteria.
- 3km run in under 20 minutes
- Rock navigation

SLSNR reserves the right to accept members onto the RWC program at their discretion