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Senior Leadership Experience Update

Posted by SLSNR Admin on Monday, 29 April 2013

 SLSNR Senior Leadership Experience
When:  Queens Birthday weekend.  Thursday May 30th (1800) - Monday June 3rd (1600)
Where:  Central North Island.  Transport is provided leaving from and returning to AMRC
Who:  Any active involved senior member of SLS (20+)
How:  This leadership program will have a large experiential learning component.  It will be supported by 3 workshops based around the programs objectives:

- Working together as one organisation
- Networking and relationships
- Future thinking and empowerment of participants

This program has been developed from club feedback through the leadership review that was conducted last summer. Clubs/members identified the need for higher level leadership development opportunities for their senior members, which are separate from lifesaving development.

Why: Members and people form the backbone of our organisation and SLS believes that members are better off in everyday life than non-members. The objectives that this experience is based around (see above), aims to offer the participant with skills, knowledge and motivation to effect organisational change and assist with personal development.

Research shows that members of volunteer organisations are more likely to stay involved if they are happy in their personal lives. Taking an active interest in people, their networks, experience, knowledge and learning will hopefully assist with the individuals personal development, their ongoing involvement and longevity of our organisation.

SLSNR encourages any member who is passionate about the organisation, currently has or is looking to have a leadership role within their club and could benefit from some personal/leadership development, to apply for this experience.

The future of our organisation will depend on the next generation of passionate leaders to ensure we are around for another 100 years.

Costs of the 4 day Experience:
To be advised but no more than $300 per person depending on funding. We will advise clubs of the final cost by 8th May.

Application process:
Application questions include: What does leadership mean to you? What leadership position/s do you currently hold (Surf or otherwise) and what would you like to gain from this course to help you with these? Relating to leadership, what do you think your strengths and weaknesses are? What leadership role do you see yourself taking at a Club, Regional or National level?

To apply please click here. 
All applications must be made online.

Senior Leadership Experience applications close on 10th May 2013 at 5pm
If you have any questions, please contact Jason Harvey at  

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