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IRB Crews will be selected for the New Zealand Representative Challenge in 2018.

The crews will be named mid January 2018. 
Crews will be selected in the following age categories NZ Representative Surf Boat Challenge:

  • Open Men (Three Males)
  • Open Women (Three Females)
  • U22 Men (Three Males)

The selection of Representative crews will be in accordance with the current SLSNR Selection Policy.
Please note that you need to be a refreshed, current and financial member of a Club.
Upon selection of the Team, all athletes will need to complete and sign a SLSNR Athlete Agreement.  If you are Under 18 your Parent / Legal Guardian will also be required to sign the Agreement.

Specific Selection Criteria

The 2018 SLSNR New Zealand Rep Challenge IRB Teams will be selected based on the performance and results at the following events: 
a)    SLSNR IRB Championships (13 January 2018)

The Selectors reserve the right to include crews that are unable to attend specific selection events and will take into consideration the following:

  1. 2016-17 Performance and Results;
  2. Their ability to add significant value to an SLSNR Representative Team; and
  3. Such other factors as the Selectors consider relevant.

Rotating crew members and/or unnecessary substitutions at the above events is not recommended.

If you have any queries please contact