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Junior Surf

The Junior Surf Programme is an integral part of surf club activity. It  is about learning new skills, gaining confidence and having fun in a safe beach environment. Children between 7-13  years participate in organised activity that ensures they are educated in surf safety as well as confident to undertake training for their Surf Lifeguard Award at age 14.                                                                                  

Strategic Objectives

  • Encourage children to participate in and enjoy surfing and surf lifesaving activity
  • Assist children to develop and improve their surfing and surf lifesaving knowledge and skills
  • Improve the self image of children by developing self-confidence and social interaction skills
  • Involve parents and interested members of the community as leaders, coaches and administrators

Northern Region clubs conduct their Junior Surf activities every Sunday morning for two-three hours between the months of October and March. Members participate in Inter-club, Regional and National Competitions. Junior Surf is designed to provide an educational experience in a wide range of subjects and skills within the aquatic/marine environment. The programme also aids in the preparation of junior members for eventual transition into the lifeguarding and sporting aspects of our organisation.

Information on the updated Junior Surf Programme can now be found here.



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