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Surf Sports is an integral part of Surf Life Saving 

Surf sports competitors are skilled and proficient surf lifesavers.  Encouraging involvement in surf sports and offering opportunities to compete for both elite and grassroots athletes, helps provide Clubs with a steady stream of fit and motivated patrolling members.

Major surf sports events such as the Northern Region Surf Life Saving Championships bring hundreds of members together to enjoy the true spirit of competition and camaraderie, in many cases forming friendships which last a lifetime.

Each year events including Club, Regional, National, Pool Rescue and IRB Championships involve many volunteers, months of preparation and rely on the skills and experience of hundreds of officials, coaches and team managers to be a success.

Encompassing all different disciplines, we have a comprehensive framework of training and support for everyone from kids competing in Junior Surf through to adults and masters.

Athletes from age 7-13 participate in Junior Surf Sports events and once an athlete has turned 14 and attained their Surf Lifeguard Award they can then compete at Surf Sports Events.