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Coach Development

SLSNR Coach Development Tools & Resources:


SLSNR is currently restructuring it's Coach Development framework, with a view to deliver at the start of the 2020/21 season. 

See below for the current online tools & resources for coaches of any level looking to develop:

SLSNZ Resources:

Video Resources:

Click here to view the SLSNZ online coaching tutorials. These tutorials cover the majority of events offered within Lifesaving Sport & their relevant skills.

Competition Manual:

Click here to gain access to the SLSNZ Competition Manual.


Beginner Coaches:

Click here to start your coaching journey with an online resource developed by Aktive for new coaches.


Intermediate Coaching Resources:

For current coaches looking to up skill, Aktive offers a range of online resources & coach development opportunities. Click here to find out more.




Additional Resources:

One of the keys to coaching is curiosity, coupled with an openness to learning. The below links contain a vast amount of information across topics from coaching, player development & welfare as well as useful information for parents:

Good Sports: Parents & Coaches

Balance is Better

Keep up with the Play

Player Development Project


Future Coaching Courses:

In the interim, specific modules can also be catered and delivered to clubs needs. If you wish to have a specific area addressed, or for more information, contact Junior & Surf Sports Development Manager Zac Franich (