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22nd October

SLSNR Lifeguard Development Squads:

Congratulations to the below members who have been selected into the various Development Squads. The purpose of these squads is to provide recognition and further learning opportunities. Selections were carried out by selection panels specific to each discipline and endorsed by SLSNR's Competitive Lifesaving Operational Committee (C-LOC).

Various workshops will be provided for the respective groups this season and communicated in due course. 

If you have any further questions regarding these squads, please contact Zac Franich ( or SLSNR's Competitive Lifesaving Operational Committee (




With the latest government announcement we wanted to give an update on what is happening with Northern Region events.

Given current alert levels we will not be running any events in October in Northern Region.

We currently have the following events planned for November but these events will only be able to be run if we are in the appropriate alert level and can meet government requirements. We will continue to update attendees as we get closer to each event to ensure people have the latest information.

Unfortunately we are in a unique situation where we are having to adapt and change quickly so events may change to suit conditions/situations.

  • Twilight trainings:
    • We are looking to run two interclub training evenings Thursday 5 (Board= Orewa) and 25 November (Ski- Takapuna). See the attached event flyers.
    • These training sessions will be coach led and will provide a chance for clubs to get together and practice ski and board.
    • The first training will focus on board and the second on ski.
    • These are not competition events and will be free for athletes wanting to get some extra training in. The purpose of these events is just to get people on the water and training while having a chance to get together with others (covid restrictions allowing).
  • Auckland All In Senior event:
    • What was traditionally Senior Interclub 2, the Auckland All In Senior carnival is scheduled to run on Saturday 13 November at Orewa Beach.
    • This event will include craft and land events, canoes, surf boats and IRBs.
    • Event information can be found here
  • Auckland All In Junior event:
    • What was traditionally Junior Interclub 1, The Auckland All In Junior Carnival is scheduled to run on Saturday 27 November at Omaha Beach.
    • Event Information and entries will open shortly.

Northern Region Pool Champs update:

We are still looking to hold some sort of pool event for our members this season. When, where and how is yet to be confirmed but we are pushing to have something available for our members.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on what is happening with events in Northern Region. Hopefully we will be back on the beach together soon.

If you have any questions etc please feel free to contact myself or Zac.

Also if you ever any questions for either our Junior Operations Committee or Competitive Lifesaving Operations Committee you can email them: or




As you are all aware, the government announced that Auckland is to stay at level 4 for the next couple of weeks. As previously stated with events, SLSNR is only able to run events in their current format when Auckland is in Level 1. Anything above Level 1, capacity, tracking and crowd management limitations make our events unfeasible and unsafe to deliver.

With that in mind, the 2021 SLSNR Pool Rescue Championships set for this coming weekend will be postponed.

Contingencies have been discussed with the appropriate volunteer committees (JOC & C-LOC) & coaches, with the below options available. Contingency 1 is our preferred option although we can only make concrete plans once levels are confirmed and facilities are taking bookings.

Contingency 1:

As we cannot deliver NR Pool Rescue Championships in its current format, we will move to a hybrid delivery format. We will look to award points and an overall NR Pool Rescue Championship trophy through the below format:

  • SLSNR to hold Relay-specific session(s)
    • Dates, times, age-groups and venues TBC
  • Individual times for NR Pool Championships will be taken from NZ Pool Rescue Championships. As we are awarding points, integrity and fairness is paramount. This option will mean all have similar equipment and accurate results.
    • If NZ Pools experience a venue change, we will revisit this point.

Contingency 2:

If, for whatever reason, SLSNZ Pool Rescue Championships are not held, the NR Pool Rescue Championships will be delivered through the below format:

  • SLSNR to hold Relay-specific session(s)
    • Dates, times, age-groups and venues TBC
  • Clubs to run ‘race-days’ for specified individual events (SLSNR to communicate).
      • Results to be sent through to SLSNR for recording (guidelines to be communicated)
      • A deadline on results will be communicated also

Contingency 3:

  • We find a suitable weekend somewhere in the season or at end of season to run the NR pool champs in its traditional state (ie. over a weekend).

The above contingencies will depend on available pool space. Whichever contingency is chosen may need to be amended/changed depending on what is available to us. The one guarantee is that pools won’t confirm bookings until they are in at least level 2 so nothing can be locked in until that date is known.

Note: SLSNR only invoices entries out to clubs post-event. If you have already paid entry fees, please contact your club administrators.

We appreciate the above options are a step away from what has historically been delivered. We hope the membership appreciates being communicated the above to clarify our intention in delivering this event.


For further information, please contact Donal ( or Zac (


EVENT UPDATE: 19th August, 2021

Hoping everyone is safe and well in light of recent developments. We appreciate this won’t be at the top of everyone’s priority list currently but want to provide clarity around NR Pool Rescue Championships (4-5th September).

As previously stated with events, we are only able to run events in their current format when Auckland is in Level 1. Anything above Level 1, capacity, tracking and crowd management limitations make our events unfeasible to deliver.

The below outlines our contingency strategy for NR Pool Rescue Champs:

Status Quo:

  • If we have confirmation from the government that we will be back in level 1 by Saturday 4 September the Northern Region Pool Rescue Champs will go ahead. We will run all junior events on the Saturday and Senior events will be run on the Sunday.


  • If we have confirmation we will not in level 1 by 4 September then we will move to a hybrid event for our Pool Rescue Championships. We will look to award points and an overall NR Pool Rescue Championship trophy through the below format:
    • Clubs to run ‘race-days’ for specified individual events (SLSNR to communicate).
      • Results to be sent through to SLSNR for recording
      • A deadline on results will be communicated
    • SLSNR will deliver 2x 3-hour sessions which will run: Relays events and any individual events clubs cannot facilitate.
      • Dates & events will be confirmed in due course. We are limited to when Pool facilities are back operating (Level 1 or Level 2)

The above option will operate on a ‘good-faith’ assumption that clubs play by the rules.

Our number 1 priority is our members safety during the uncertain time and to provide opportunities to race. More information and specifics will be communicated in time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We will keep everyone up to date on latest information regarding the pool champs.

Stay safe, be kind to each other and hopefully we will all be racing together soon.



13th June, 2021

Event Update Memo

The Competitive Lifesaving Operational Committee or C-LOC (formerly SOC), are excited to announce on behalf of SLSNR, that the Northern Regional Championship venue for the 2021-22 season will be at Whangamata Beach on the 19-20 February. This will mark an exciting chapter in the events history, promising to make the 2021-22 event the best yet.

This decision was made by the C-LOC after receiving considerable membership feedback indicating the support for a venue change to an out of region location. This feedback was collected through end of season surveys which had over 200 total responses. Surf conditions and the opportunity to compete against more people were noted as key insights.

Following this membership indication, the committee then engaged key influencers within SLSNR clubs to ensure this indication was supported more broadly within clubs. The 17 members contacted included Sweeps, Coaches, Team Managers, Sports Chairs and Club Chairs, all of whom also supported the move of this event to an out of region location.

From the above process, the C-LOC believes this move will provide the best opportunity to deliver an event the wider membership is wanting.

It should be noted that SLSNR member participation will be a key indicator for this event. As such, the C-LOC will be using a 1+1 year review strategy to best understand the dynamics of the event for SLSNR members.

For any questions, or for further information, please contact the C-LOC (

See you on the beach!


Jason Pocock

SLSNR Competitive Lifesaving Operational Committee – Chair


16th June, 2021

The Invitational will be back for 2021!
The high octane event format to be delivered again in the 2021/22 season on the Sunday of the Whangamata Classic (5th December). The intention for this event is to attract the best available Surf Sports talent in New Zealand to provide a high-level racing experience.
Teams of 12 (6 male, 6 female) will complete a team based program covering all disciplines on the beach (Swim, Board, Ski, Sprints & Flags). Teams will have no age restrictions. Teams will be led by a selection of the countries best Coaches & Team Managers.
Click here for the full event update.
Athletes can register their interest for The Draft through the link below:


Coaches and Team Managers can register their interest below:

If you have any questions or for further information regarding event program & logistics, please contact SLSNR Sport Manager Zac Franich (




8 June 2021

Final Event Information for Rangitoto Classic and Mini Classic are available

A couple of important things to note for the day:

  • Registrations begin at 6.45am. Everyone needs to sign in so we can confirm numbers entering the water on the day
  • Those in teams can you please confirm how many will be doing the run on the island at registration
  • Weather is currently looking good but a final weather call will be made by noon on Saturday.
  • Reminder that Rangitoto Island is a pest free island so all competitors need to make sure their crafts are properly cleaned before the event to ensure no pest plants/animals are taken onto the island. We will have someone from bio securities doing a check on the day
  • The Takapuna Boat Club will be open from 11am for food and drink

3 June 2021

Applications to join the Northern Region Event Guard team are open

Do you want to be part of an amazing team keeping people safe at events? Join the Northern Region Event Guard team.
There are different pathways within the event guard team depending on your interests.
To apply fill in the attached survey below and for more information on the team pathways see here
To join the team click here


15 May 2021

Rangitoto Classic and Rangitoto Mini Classic entries are open!

Why have one classic when you can have two. Joining the Rangitoto Classic is the Rangitoto Mini Classic. An event within an event that allows our membership and future lifeguards to get a taste on a shorter course.
Which Classic will you choose to race?


For event information click here