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Peer Support Training

The Peer Support Programme is continuing to build momentum.

Under the new Health and Safety Act we know that there is a stronger focus on looking after our members not only physically but their Mental Health too - we are dedicated to maintain and build this wider Welfare Programme.

The Peer Support role is aimed at club members to who are willing to respond to their clubs when a critical incident occurs to provide support to club members involved and in conjunction with the Duty Officer, run the debrief.

Critical incidents may result in people experiencing a range of different reactions to traumatic events including shock, fear, anger, helplessness, sadness and shame.

Peer Supporters operate on a 24/7 basis and are called upon to assist with peer support when critical incidents occur at their beach. This support may include providing initial support to members, assisting members to understand the impact of a stressful event, help in the organizing of formal psychological debriefing, educate members on stress reactions and natural coping mechanisms.



- SLSNZ member

- SLSNZ Surf Lifeguard Award

- Full motor vehicle license

 - minimum 20 years of age

- First Aid Level 1

- 4 years Life Saving experience