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Refresher Information

In order to ensure all lifeguards who participate in both volunteer and paid lifesaving patrols are up to date with the latest policies and best practices in all lifesaving areas; surf lifeguard, patrol support and IRB drivers awards are refreshed annually. 

Each season these awards roll over and expire. In order to remain active these awards need to be renewed, this refresher process involves the completion of various modules relative to the award, under the supervision of a qualified club member. 

Members are to refresh their awards, be it Surf Lifeguard Award, Patrol Support Award or IRB Drivers award, at their first patrol of the season.

Information for Club Chief Instructors

Looking ahead to the 2020/21 season, clubs have the opportunity to decide whether they want to 'opt-in' or 'opt-out' of the new online refresher platform. The online refresher platform is a great way for clubs to better track and ensure all active members have refreshed. If clubs choose to opt out of using the online refresher platform, they will continue to refresh candidates as per the refresher manual, which can be found below.

Follow the link below to the SLSNZ website - Refresher Information:

Supporting Documents:

Refresher Manual - SLA, PS, IRB

Refresher Form Template - SLA, PS, IRB