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Rookie Lifeguard Program

The majority of Surf Life Saving Clubs in New Zealand operate a Junior Surf division catering for seven to thirteen year olds. At fourteen, they are eligible to become active Surf Lifeguards and at times some clubs have difficulty in keeping these members during the transition period from junior to senior ranks. 

In order to help with this transition the Rookie Surf Lifeguard Programme was introduced into Surf Life Saving.  The Rookie Lifeguard Programme has been designed to assist with the education and retention of these young Surf Lifeguards through a structured development programme. The Rookie Surf Lifeguard Programme is aimed at developing young Surf Lifeguards in the areas of lifesaving education, beach management, patrol experience, and through participation and social development.

Aims of the Rookie Surf Lifeguard Programme

  • Provide a smooth transition and ready flow of active members from Junior Surf ranks by providing a programme of practical lifesaving development for them. 
  • Develop strong ties between senior and junior members 
  • Patrol efficiency, effectiveness and improvement through development of members 
  • Involve and encourage respective parents to become involved in both active lifesaving and administration roles at club level

How to get involved in the Rookie Surf Lifeguard Programme? 

Contact your club Rookie Lifeguard Co-Ordinator to find out more about how to become a Rookie Surf Lifeguard. 


2018-19 Northern Region Rookie Surf Lifeguard Co-ordinator's Manual

Rookie Surf Lifeguard Award Candidate Workbook

SLSNZ Rookie Surf Lifeguard Co-ordinator's Manual