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New Zealand has some of the most diverse and beautiful coastlines in the world. Nearly 15,000 km of coastline and the ninth longest coastline of any nation in the world.

Just as we learnt how to enjoy the water safely, it’s our responsibility that we provide water awareness to the next generation to allow them to make the best decisions while they’re enjoying these environments.

During the last 10 years, there has been an average of 32 fatal drownings per year across Aotearoa. This is a 70% higher beach and coastal drowning rate, per capita, than Australia! Sadly, our fatal drowning toll over the last 5 years has increased by 37% compared to the previous 5 years. Alarmingly, for every child or young person that fatally drowned, fifteen more were hospitalised for non-fatal drowning injuries.

The majority of fatal drownings are preventable. At Surf Life Saving, we believe community education is a vital preventative measure to reducing the drowning toll.





Community Educators:

Community Education Season Dates:

Senior Applications: Closed

All Applications Close: 17th September

Senior Online Induction: 20th September

Senior Induction: 23rd /24th September

Beach Ed Induction: 8th November

Beach Ed Instructor Induction: 11th /12th November

City Nippers Training Day: 18th December

Early Instructor Start: 9th October

Normal Start: 13th November


Apply Now:

To apply for an Intermediate or Junior roles, please follow the below link to submit your application:

2023_24 SLSNR Intermediate and Junior Seasonal Application

Please use Google Chrome as the preferred web browser to apply.

Position Descriptions:

For those interested in applying for a role within the Community Education Team this season, please view the below position descriptions:

PD Community Education Instructor Junior Grade 1 YE2024

PD Community Education Instructor Intermediate Grade 2 YE2024

PD Community Education Instructor Senior Grade 3 YE2024


For further questions, please contact SLSNR Community Safety and Engagement Manager, Tom Kearney (

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