Junior Surf & Rookie Guards

What is Junior Surf?

The Junior Surf Programme is an integral part of surf club activity. It  is designed to enrich the lives of our young members through engaging activities and active participation, leading to the acquisition of personal, life saving and competition skills, in a safe aquatic environment. Children between 7-13  years participate in organised activity that ensures they are educated in surf safety as well as confident to undertake training for their Surf Lifeguard Award at age 14.

The aims of the Junior Surf Programme include;

1.To learn the skills required to gain the Surf Lifeguard Award.

2.To provide the best possible life saving experience for all juniors with the view to encouraging long-term active participation.

3. To provide opportunities for juniors to actively participate in and enjoy life saving and competition in an aquatic environment.

4. To ensure our junior members are safe on new Zealand’s beaches through building knowledge and experiences in the Junior Surf programme.

5. To develop a team based philosophy encompassing leadership, camaraderie, teamwork and fun.

6. To promote social, emotional and physical growth and development in a healthy and safe environment.

Northern Region clubs conduct their Junior Surf activities between the months of October and March. Members can participate in Inter-club, Regional and National Competitions. Junior Surf is designed to provide an educational experience in a wide range of subjects and skills within the aquatic/marine environment. The programme also aids in the preparation of junior members for eventual transition into the lifeguarding and sporting aspects of our organisation.

Information on the updated Junior Surf Programme can now be found here.

Course Overview

The Rookie Lifeguard Programme has been designed to help junior surf members prepare to be a Surf Lifeguard. The Rookie Lifeguard Programme aims to promote “practical lifeguarding” to the younger members and develop strong ties etween senior and junior members as a result of involvement.

The target audience for this programme is 13 year old junior surf members wishing to become a Surf Lifeguards next season.

Course Information

Pre requistes

Be 13 years of age by the 1st October Be able to swim 200 meters in a pool in under 4:30mins Current member of a SLS club


Variable depending on competence and instruction structure 2-8 weeks

Delivered by

Rookie Lifeguard Coordinators



Who should complete it

Anyone interested in becoming a Surf Lifeguard in years to come

Candidate requirements

Participate in four patrols (no less than 12 hours in total) Complete all Rookie Surf Lifeguard Log Book Modules



Topics Covered

1.  Health, Sun Smart and Conservation
2.  Surf and Swimming skills
3.  Role of a Surf Lifeguard and Patrolling
4.  Signals, Flags and Radio operations
5.  Rescue, Releases and Tube Rescue
6.  First Aid and Emergency Care
7.  Primary survey and CPR
8.  Practical Surf Skills
9.  Patrol Equipment and Clubhouse
10.  Surf Life Saving Club Structure and Culture


At the completion of the qualification candidates will be able to:

1.  Identify the role of a Surf Lifeguard
2.  Demonstrate a range of Surf Lifeguard skills

This programme is a stepping stone toward achieving the SLSNZ Surf Lifeguard Award.

To begin training for this qualification contact your club.


For further questions or queries, please contact Zac Franich.

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