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What is Competitive Lifesaving?


Competitions have a long and proud history within the Surf Life Saving movement and continue to play a significant role in ensuring that our members have the ability and passion to meet the challenging environments within which Surf Life Saving delivers its essential lifesaving service. 

From local surf carnivals to our National Championships, competition brings the membership together and provides opportunities for Juniors through to Masters to develop and compete across huge range of disciplines. And have been designed to encourage Members to keep fit for lifesaving duties. 

The range of disciplines include: 

  • Surf Races and relays (wading options for younger juniors) 
  • Tube Rescues 
  • Run Swim Runs (wading options for younger juniors)  
  • Surf Boats and Surf Canoes 
  • Surf Ski and Double Ski and relays 
  • Board Races and relays (bodyboards for younger juniors) 
  • Board Rescues 
  • Sprints and Beach relays 
  • Beach Flags 


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For more information, contact entries@lifesaving.org.nz

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