Geo SnapShot row demo

This is a demo of a row that we could add to the homepage.  Ignore the blank space at the top of the iframe, that’s just a key mismatch.

What we’re looking to do

The goal is to have a homepage section that will draw attention and drive traffic to to the customer’s GeoSnapShot page.


This is a light touch option from Andy at GeoSnapShot, where we have simply limited the height of the iframe. There’s also an option to turn off scrolling, but this will just leave the top banner and perhaps half a row of images.


  • scrolling iframe
  • banner
  • iframe not aligned with image tiles when scrolling is disabled.

Mockup of what we’d like

Can we limit the number of image tiles and remove the banner (or display the banner as the first tile in the row)? Or even load images individually?